Make your brand a fast seller

Amls Beauty is focused on serving and connecting small and medium-sized buyers around the world, growing and prospering with them.
We have helped tens of thousands of customers build their own makeup brands and extensive product lines over the past decade.
We focus on quality raw materials, proven processes, effective designs, environmental concerns, vegan and animal-free testing.
We understand the current trends in the market for makeup products and can make your brand a fast seller.


Lip makeup is very important for ladies, and different lip colors are different from people. Our lip gloss is Vegan & Cruelty free, has a Soft texture,non-sticky on lips, Moist and shiny.

This lip gloss is rich in natural Vitamin E, which effectively protects the lips, forms a moist lip protective film, prevents moisture loss, reduces fine lines and dry lips and peeling. Restore the gloss of the lips, make the lips soft and smooth, and feel full of moisture.

Suitable for family or friends gatherings, fashion shows, daily use and So on. The portable size allows you to beautify your lips anytime, anywhere. 65 different colors that can be easily combined with various makeup styles, occasions and skin tones.


Eyes are the windows to the soul, is a very important part of the five senses, eye makeup score accounts for 60% of the overall makeup, people need to communicate with each other through the eyes to convey the true message, eyes are the first impression we give each other, see the importance of eye makeup.


The liquid foundation has a fine and soft texture, good extensibility, easy to push away, don’t clump, and provides full coverage. It can effectively cover skin defects such as acne scars, dark spots on the face, dark circles under the eyes, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores. Makes the complexion brighter and fairer, making the skin look completely natural.