Growing up with you !

  Laura is a client we started to contact in 2018, in fact, the initial communication was not very smooth, because she often disappeared and did not reply to messages. The initial order was small, around 1000-3000 lip glosses, but after 2 years of development, her brand won the recognition of many local customers in […]

Persistence is the victory !

Of all my clients, I think Nani is my lucky lady! Why? Because her first order in 2017 set a record for the amount we ordered at the time, and she made a one-time payment, before we even met in person. Nani teamed up with her friend, who was a well-known American rocker at the […]

She is the sales genius !

A very interesting British customer, although she is my customer, she is actually a student, still in college! When we first contacted her, she also said she had no money and wanted a small quantity, but after we communicated and tested the samples many times, she directly and boldly decided to make 1000 pieces to […]

Greatness of Mother’s Love !

I was particularly impressed by a client from Australia, a soon-to-be mother. When we first talked about the eyeshadow, we had to send samples back and forth 3 to 4 times before she confirmed the production of a large quantity because it was her own formula and colors. But when we discussed the design of […]

You’re missing a lip gloss this summer !

Every girl even if you can’t make up or dress up, but you must not be missing a lip gloss ! Because you apply lipstick lip gloss  and no lipstick  lip gloss is completely different. A lipstick lip gloss can instantly enhance your temperament by one level. So why can’t we have a lip gloss […]